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Family Days at OFF

At OFF, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to organize your Family Day in a friendly and motivating environment. Gather your teams for a day of relaxation and bonding, enhanced by activities designed to strengthen your employees’ connections. Contact us now to arrange an event that will benefit everyone. Strengthen team cohesion, create memorable experiences and boost your company culture to its highest  potential!


Differents Packages

Package 1

  • Two hours of activities for young and old
  • A drinks package and an aperitif
  • This package also gives your company the option of using a food truck of your choice to satisfy your guests’ appetites

Package 2

  • Refreshing drinks all day long
  • A delicious barbecue buffet
  • Two hours of fun activities for young and old
  • A tasty snack and an aperitif to round off the day in style.

Information & Booking

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Food Trucks


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At OFF, our aim is to make your private or professional event a unique, personalized, and unforgettable moment. Our team strives to exceed your expectations, from decorating the rooms to providing delicious food and creating the perfect ambiance. Every detail matters to us. So, trust us, come organize your event at OFF, and let’s create memories together that you won’t soon forget.

Food options

Chef or food trucks ?

Enhance your event experience by having our skilled chefs prepare a delectable menu personalized to your tastes and desires or we also provide the option of offering you the possibility to have a food truck stationed on-site,  adding a delicious and customizable culinary experience for your guests.

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